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The Power of Social Proof

By: Cassie Marshall


“I want a higher conversion rate on my site, and for more people to know about my business.” Does this sound like you?

Wonderful! We’ve got just the thing.

Social Proof is one of the best tools you can use to boost your business. Below we’ll talk about what it is, how it works and go over some examples of how to use it. 

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What Is Social Proof?

Social Proof is based on the psychological desire to conform to a certain behaviour in order to be accepted by or similar to the influence of such behaviour.

 When we see a number of people or someone we trust doing something (like with fad diets or social media trends), we perceive that behaviour as being more “correct” and we feel compelled to also perform that action.

Does Social Proof Work? How?

Yes! Social Proof allows your customers to speak on behalf of your product in a different manner than an ad would. Instead of a salesperson or someone with a clear marketing agenda telling people about your product, the endorsement comes from friends, social media influencers, celebrities and other individuals that may seem more like they are recommending the product because of its genuine quality instead of recommending it for profit or personal gain (although we know some do).

People in general are more likely to heed the endorsement of someone they trust. For example, an expert or a celebrity talking about your product and its benefits adds a sense of credibility simply because people trust the opinion of that individual. 

What Are Some Examples of Social Proof?

Here are 5 examples of ways that you can use Social Proof to boost your business:

Ask an Expert

Invite an expert to take over your social media page. You can ask a relevant expert to post on your company’s behalf and have them talk about your product, how it works, it’s benefits, etc. 

Show Some Gratitude

If someone mentions your product in their Instagram story, or someone “Tweets” about it, or it’s featured in the local newspaper, make sure to write a public “thank-you.” Showing off when people talk about your brand is a great way to get Social Proof.

Celebrate Milestones With Your Customers

Did you reach 100 followers on your social media page? Sold 100 of a product? Share it with your customers! It shows that there’s a buzz about your business.

Implied Social Proof

This is a form of Social Proof that you might not notice right away. It’s a more subtle form. It can work very well in certain types of advertisements. When you see something along the lines of “Are you up to the task?” in an ad, it’s implying that you are in need of the service/product and not the other way around.


Possibly the best form of Social Proof is to have a testimonial section on your site; it can increase conversion rates by up to 34%. Customer reviews add credibility to your business because real humans are telling your customers about benefits they received from the product, and they likely aren’t gaining a profit from sharing their opinion of the item. Removing the implication that the reviewer is being paid allows the visitor to feel at ease knowing that the report is genuine.

For more information about how you can maximize the effectiveness of Google Reviews (a great type of Social Proof) on your site, click here.

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