A Little About Us

Here's what we stand by with clients, partners and within our team.

Our Mission

Empowering business owners to continually scale & humanize their customers

Core Values

Treat People Like Humans, Not Numbers
Be Driven To Win
Always Be Learning
Never Shy Away From Putting In The Work
Openness, No BS
Be Collaborative

Causes we support (and why)

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"I feel fortunate for many of the opportunities I'm afforded living in Canada. Entrepreneneurship and the opportunity to build something meaningful from scratch are one of those things. I read a book called Banker To The Poor by Muhammad Yunus a number of years ago and I appreciated how micro-financing (loans) to people (especially to women) in developing countries, could help to elevate families from poverty and allow them to earn a modest living being self-reliant. Investing in underserved communities means a lot to me and in this case, having the chance to invest in female entrepreneurs in other countries is something I've always wanted in a company I run - and is why we support Kiva"
- David Green, Founder