Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do month-to-month contracts or fixed-length contracts?
We only do month-to-month contracts. We believe in continually earning your business and in strong partnerships. If you don't feel like we are adding enough value, or a good fit, while we never like seeing a (good) partner go, we understand.
Do you work with e-commerce clients?
Mostly no. There are a few exceptions such as service marketplace businesses (e.g. vacation rental/travel companies). Standard retail e-commerce that typically includes a shopping feed, we don't partner with.
Why don't you take on e-commerce clients?
We've found our best work comes from being really good at one area. In this case, while our e-commerce results were actually strong, our lead gen. results we continued to knock out of the park. So we decided to stick to the area we do extremely well.
Do you do Meta/Facebook Ads?
No. We stick to the areas we do well.
Do you take clients from all industries?
No. There are some industries we simply have not found a recipe to success for and we will politely walk away from upfront. When we are auditing a prospective client's account in an industry we don't have experience in, we don't only audit the account, but also the industry, the client's goals and whether we actually think we could meet those goals. If we don't think we can, we will politely pass on that account so both sides can save on resources and crucial time.
Do you charge a set-up fee?
Will we own & have access to the ad accounts?
Yes. 100%. We believe in transparency. You pay Google / Microsoft directly with your credit card.
If we choose to leave and work with another agency, what's your offboarding process?
Good question. While we never like to see a (good) client leave, we understand that this happens. The ad accounts are owned by you, so the transition of accounts is smooth and seamless. We'll also answer any questions your new agency has that provides context and helps them hit the ground running. We've seen clients who have come to us with an account that they don't have access to from a previous agency - so we've had to start from scratch with limited or no data. Not fun. We won't put you through that. A true testament to how thoughtful and smooth our offboarding process is has been the number of clients that have come back to work with us.
Do you provide reporting?
Yes, we provide a monthly report. Weekly, bi-monthly reporting options are also available upon request.
Do you offer meetings?
Yes. A 1 hour strategy update call once per month is always included.
Do you build landing pages?
Yes. We do offer landing page building + management. We use Unbounce for our landing page builds.
Is there a minimum ad spend requirement?
Yes. We require a minimum of $100/day to be spent on ads.
Do you do SEO or Facebook/IG paid ads?
No. We focus on our areas of strength. For SEO work, we exclusively partner with and highly recommend Blacksmith SEO.