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Increase in ROAS


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The Vegan Warehouse is a marketplace for vegan fashion and beauty.  A brand dedicated to sustainability, giving back and a better world with cruelty-free fashion products, this brand is one that has deep values and a huge mission.


This brand had invested in building a Google Ads account rich in data and that had scaled moderately, but most of their growth came from branded campaigns, and they were having challenges further scaling their revenue with non-branded and upper funnel users, and most importantly while growing their return on ad spend (ROAS).

Strategy & Execution

Analyzing the data within this account, combined with keyword research and competitor research, we were able to establish that this account had been underutilizing Shopping campaigns, and that Search campaigns lacked effective segmentation and audience building.  

Segment. Segment. Segment.

Understanding how fashion shoppers look for their next item within Google search was crucial here.  We first segmented by top vs. bottom of funnel search intent to ensure we could have different target ROAS goals and to separate budgets accordingly.  

Then, our research uncovered how these fashion shoppers often looked for an item.  For example, the type of handbag (e.g. crossbody) had strong search volumes, but hadn’t been previously segmented, which led to lower CTRs and far more broad/general campaigns and ad/groups that were relatively ineffective.  

Hyper-targeting by type of bag

Ruby Crossbody

We continued to segment based on different demographics, and keywords and this instantly started to scale our campaigns. 


This account had limited audiences used, which we believed would be a huge opportunity for finding and better targeting this brand’s audience.  After identifying specific affinity and in-market audiences outperforming non-audience targets, we created a number of combination and custom audiences to further test and hyper-target various groups.  An example was utilizing the customer match list in combination with the luxury shoppers affinity audience.

This information was valuable to the brand as we helped them find and validate new audiences that they then were able to leverage across other marketing efforts.  

Shopping Campaigns

We saw a huge opportunity to scale Shopping campaigns and built out new Standard Shopping Campaigns with new product titles to increase what was a low CTR (0.17%).  We believed this was a huge missed opportunity that needed more attention and that would be a huge driver of overall revenue. 

Understanding The Vegan Warehouse had a great customer journey, we also set up Google’s Customer Reviews, which after a 100 reviews allowed us to increase our click-through-rates (CTRs) by having social proof attached to these ads.


Our efforts in hyper-segmenting and investing further into Shopping campaigns proved to be the right decisions as we scaled revenue in the overall account by 360% in 6 months (vs. the 6 months prior to our management).  This was driven by a 519% increase in Shopping campaign revenue, and 210% increase in Search campaign revenue.  Most importantly, we were able to do this while increasingly profitability as ROAS also grew by 23%.  

Growing Shopping campaigns….

Shopping campaign chart

Attention to details helped us grow this account and we couldn’t be more proud to support a brand that will be a major part of the future of fashion, and will make a better planet.







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