Tactically Increasing Qualified Leads

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Increase in MQLs


Decrease in cost per MQL


Improvement in conversion tracking

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JDXpert is the industry leading job description management solution. Their web-based solution allows its customers to bring structure and efficiency to the way they construct, manage, and store job information. With a robust feature set and flexible platform, JDXpert offers an unparalleled solution that empowers effective talent management, amps up compensation, manages risk, and keeps it simple.


Improve Conversion Tracking

A primary challenge we faced was there were leads being generated by ads, but only MQLs. The subsequent lead stages (offline conversions) were not being tracked and as a result, there was little insight into what campaigns were driving more qualified leads (SQLs).

Drive down MQL cost/Reduce spam leads

Another challenge we faced were inefficiencies in their Google Ads strategy that was leading to their relatively high CPA. Identifying these channels and either optimising them or redirecting investment was important to help with overall performance metrics.

Expand Number of Qualified Leads

A final challenge we faced was increasing the number of leads generated for this solution. The lead strategy implemented had plateaued and required a thorough review, including what audiences/segments were being targeted, leveraging data analytics to identify growth opportunities and evaluating what lead magnets could be utilized.

Strategy & Execution:

Offline conversion tracking setup

Ensuring all conversions were being tracked was our first priority to ensure that the Google Ads algorithm was getting the correct data required. We worked with the marketing team to identify, setup and test all of the lead stages from SQL to closed customers, and to ensure all were being imported back correctly into the Google Ads account.

MQL cost Reduction measures:

Changed bid strategies from automated to Enhanced CPC. Removed all broad match keywords. Removed Google Ad Display Network from all campaigns.

Increase Lead Volume measures:

Added Bing Search. Created custom audiences. Added Demand Gen (Formerly Discovery) Campaigns. Added YouTube campaigns for increased upper funnel presence.


We saw an 116% increase in monthly MQLs, while also reducing our cost per MQL in search by 26%. Also, improved conversion tracking = improved algorithm performance. We were diligent in setting up and capturing all relevant conversions on the site by improving from 2 conversion actions to 11 actions being tracked, including offline conversions (e.g. SQLs) and all lead magnet conversions.

Platforms Leveraged:

Google Ads
Microsoft Ads









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