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GOOSELAW Immigration Law Firm is a legal firm specializing in removing the hassle and paperwork associated with becoming a Canadian permanent resident. Donovan Francis, the Principal of GOOSELAW, took his years of experience as an attorney at a global immigration law firm and launched his own firm.  The focus of his firm is making sure the process of becoming a Canadian permanent resident is smooth, personalized to each individual's immigration needs, and offering services virtually.


Lead generation for businesses that are in expensive and highly competitive industries such as accountants, SaaS, dentists, and in this case, law - present their own unique challenges.  There is never a question of demand for these industries, but the challenge becomes driving down cost/acquisition (CPA), ensuring the quality of those leads are strong and having a robust funnel that continues to convert a continual stream of leads.

Strategy & Execution: 

Quality Score

Our #1 objective as we launched these campaigns was to build a strong Quality Score.  While we typically don’t believe cost-per-click (CPC) should be followed as a KPI, we’ve seen from experience in these types of industries that precision and attention to detail can really move the needle considering it’s not unheard of to pay over $50 for a single click in Google searches for legal services.  We analyzed the competitive landscape and determined that there were very few firms running hyper-targeted ads to a well built landing page.  We took advantage of this opportunity to outmanoeuvre our competitors by being laser focused on ensuring we had strong ad relevance and landing page experience - two key components of building a strong Quality Score.

Funnel Segmentation

Middle & bottom of funnel traffic (search campaigns) we established would be the main driver of leads, but we also wanted to expand our possibilities and creativity and determine if we could find top of funnel leads cost effectively.  We determined that Discovery campaigns would be our best option to explore as it typically is an inexpensive lead generation option because it is generally underutilized by advertisers. 

Split Testing

Utilizing a combination of squeeze pages and landing pages, we obsessively tested different copy, calls-to-action and information architecture on the pages to determine what would captivate this audience, lead them into the funnel, and ultimately drive cost effective conversions.


Leads were slow and expensive in the beginning as is normal, but through our meticulous and continuous split testing, we were able to find a recipe that worked after 2 months.  Our funnel segmentation strategy worked exceptionally well as we were able to find leads 80% less expensive in Discovery campaigns than search campaign leads. 


Search vs. Discovery CPA 

Discovery vs search

While these leads booked appointments at a slightly lower rate than search leads, they ultimately still proved to be more profitable for GOOSELAW.  


Our focus on Quality Score allowed us to drive down CPA and CPC by 52% & 64% respectively from when the campaigns were first launched.


Avg. CPA Decline…

CPA Decline

Avg. CPC Decline… 

Avg CPC Decline

To see the fruits of labour (e.g. testing) does take time with Google Ads, so seeing these CPA & CPC metrics have such strong improvements after a couple months is a clear indication to us that Google is rewarding our efforts better quality ads, and GOOSELAW as a result was able to gain the one thing any new or established business can always use - a robust, cost-effective stream of quality leads.







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