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C&S Energy Pro is a company that supports residential construction companies and real estate developers secure Title 24 Compliance.  Title 24 is a building & energy code specific to the state of California that all new residential homes in the state must meet to ensure they are environmentally friendly and ultimately reduce energy consumption.

We were tasked with driving quality traffic on a relatively low budget as their current campaigns were highly ineffective.



The last few months in late 2018 were drastically inconsistent, with poor quality leads, low CTR, few conversions and a compromised Quality Score on the account.  Leads that would call often would not be in the market for Title 24 but had general questions.  

We needed to turn things around.  


Strategy & Execution: 

Eliminate wasted ad spend 

Wasted budget was the top area we found to address.  Reviewing the historical data on search terms plus time of day and device used reports, we were able to identify a disproportionate amount of clicks were happening during non-business hours and for search terms that indicated the visitor was not immediately interested in purchasing Title 24 compliance.  We eliminated with a robust negative keyword strategy and precise time of day bids.


Outrank Competition + Increase Quality Score

Because of the account’s poor CTR rate, Quality Score had been hit.  We analyzed the very competitive landscape for this type of service, identified benefits to the target audience that we believed would generate stronger CTR and restructured every campaign including rewriting every ads copy.  We really needed to ensure that C&S Energy Pros competitive advantages were front and centre to outrank fierce competition. 



A 10 Times Increase In Google Ads Call Conversions, while reducing spend by 16%.  We also saw a 376% increase in closed leads because our revisions ensured that the leads that did call were often qualified and ready to purchase.  

Conversions (We started Jan. 2019):


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