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All Corners Pest Control helps keep pesky rodents and wildlife out of residential homes and commercial properties.  They had worked with a few other digital marketing agencies in the past and when we took on their account early in 2019, they were burning through cash every month with diminishing returns.  


With a highly competitive industry, a price sensitive target audience and expenses like fuel and the labour cost of drivers, this required truly understanding the nuances of this client’s business model to create a successful strategy. 

For example, they were servicing a 40km geographic radius, but with no consideration that depending on where a lead might come from that day - one of their pest control teams could end up driving over an hour to get from one location to another - reducing the number of customers that could be serviced in a day/week, etc.  

The account’s campaign structure proved to be unorganized as there was little ability to hyper target only the keywords that were driving the most conversions.  We identified that mobile devices proved to have fewer call conversions, but a higher percentage of closed deals compared to form submissions.  

Figuring out how to take all of these moving pieces and build a cohesive strategy was important.  

Strategy & Execution: 

Geographic Consolidation

By understanding their business model and KPIs, we were able to help them determine that their current geographic targeting was far too wide to be productive.  We consolidated all the ads to within a 10km radius ensuring that more customers could be served in a day, immediately increasing revenue while reducing cost.  

Geographic Focused Landing Pages

We noticed that a large percentage of users were dropping off the site before even reaching the contact form.   Based on our past experience, we were confident that experimenting with a custom landing pages catered to each region they serviced might lead to improved conversion rates.  

Campaign Restructuring

The account initially had been setup based on service type (pest vs. wildlife), but our research showed that leads were less interested in someone who specialized in either one, and were more concerned with one question - are they local?  


This was one of our most successful turnarounds.  Based on a condensed geography that had catered landing pages, we were able to increase ROAS by 217%, 14% increase in net profitability (more customers served/day in a smaller geographic region) and drove down cost/conversion by 41%. After we were able to restructure the account and increase profitability, All Corners was able to then expand into other geographic regions now armed with a successful strategy of getting better quality leads at an affordable cost.


All Corners Pest Control


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


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