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Royalty Pests helps residential homes and commercial properties remove pests and wildlife in the Greater Toronto Area.  With over 20 years of experience in pest control, they have serviced a large volume of clients but their Google Ads campaigns were poorly managed and not producing profitable results.  When we took over this account in early 2020, there were a lot of fires to put out. 


There were numerous issues to resolve in this account, and we had to prioritize various issues based on severity.  These issues were:

  1. Website not optimized well to capture news leads
  2. Poor ad copy (headlines, description) leading to poor click-through rates (CTR) 
  3. Poor Quality Score
  4. Unsustainable cost / lead
  5. Weak keyword strategy
  6. Low volume leads (conversions) & poor quality leads
  7. Very low conversion rate
  8. Very high impression share lost % (% of time Google does not show an advertisers ads that the advertiser is qualified for - see chart below)

    IS Lost Graph 

    Strategy & Execution

    Website / Landing Page Optimization

    The client was reluctant to invest in building a new website, but we understood that the page a user was brought to after they clicked on an ad was vital to the entire success of this account.  We decided the best option would be to build landing pages that were geo-targeted and customized to generate more leads.

    Campaign + Ad Group + Ad Restructuring

    We rebuilt this entire account from scratch with geo-targeted campaigns, improved headlines and descriptions.  We identified that improved ad copy would have a huge impact on improving the low CTR and would improve ad relevance - both of which are key factors in improving Quality Score.  

    Keyword Strategy

    The quality of leads received were low, which led to fewer leads becoming paid customers.  Rebuilding the keyword list to target high priority pests and wildlife by geographic region, while also enhancing the negative keyword list was imperative.  We identified a number of keywords that were wasting ad spend and eliminated or revised them accordingly.    

    Focus on Quality Score

    Fixing the landing page experience, CTR issues and ad copy were all fractions of the larger picture we were trying to build which was to improve Quality Score.  This account had one of the worst Quality Score’s we’ve come across in an account and addressing this problem would solve the high cost per lead problems, high cost per click (CPC) issues among many other problems in the account. 


    Royalty Pests has seen healthy, sustainable growth in their account as our overall strategy has been extremely effective.

    Lead Generation Surge + Increased Conversion Rate

    Lead volumes increased 216% as we saw a 262% increase in conversion rates across the account.  The number of leads becoming paid customers also increased by 40% because they were higher quality leads that were filtered effectively through the ad headlines and the landing page.  

    Quality Score Improvement

    We saw a 144% increase in CTR as well (see previous chart), which allowed us to increase Quality Score.  We also were able to substantially reduce the impression share lost (IS lost) due to Quality Score, meaning Google reduced the number of times they excluded Royalty Pests’ ads from search queries (A very good thing! - see chart below).

    CTR Chart

    Cost Per Lead Reduction

    We saw a 77% decrease in cost / lead which allowed Royalty Pest to generate more profits and to invest more into increasing their budget and expand their campaigns.   

    Tighter Geographic Target (More profitable)

    We identified a geographic radius that would provide sufficient leads to meet Royalty Pests’ goals, yet significantly reduced their cost for fuel and labour because they no longer were serving customers in areas that were distant from their main office and costly.

    Competing with Major Competitors

    Royalty Pests is now aggressively competing with larger established players in the industry - Orkin and Abell Pest Control.  As the chart below demonstrates - in auctions where Royalty Pests competes with Orkin and/or Abell, Orkin appears above Royalty pests in search results only 45% of the time while Abell appears under 20%.  Royalty Pests also appears at the very top of search results 33% of the time compared to 23% and 8% for Orkin & Abell respectively.  

    Auction Insights

    Final Thoughts

    We’ve been able to leverage our experience and expertise to truly deliver results for Royalty Pests and make this company a dominant player in the southern Ontario pest control industry. 


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