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Naturally Urban by Paw Street Market is a Canadian pet food delivery business famously known for their Kitty Tesla. This socially conscious business ships dog and cat treats to owners of furry friends across Canada and the U.S. and donates 1% of each purchase to a charitable partner of the shopper’s choice.

We were tasked with driving quality traffic on a relatively low budget as their current campaigns were highly ineffective.

 Naturally Urban Homepage


COVID-19 really hit a large part of North America in March of 2020. In many places, this was the first time the notion of lockdowns and business closures really became less fiction and more reality.

Naturally Urban started to see a slight uptick in business as more people stranded at home started looking for their pet food options online. While the business had run some Google Ads with moderate success up until that point, they were looking to really capitalize on what would be a huge surge in online search traffic. Based on this expected surge, growing conversions (revenue) would not be the real challenge, but more specifically improving their return on ad spend (ROAS) and impression share (IS) would require a tactful approach against fierce competition.

Conversion (Revenue) Grew As Expected With COVID-19 driving more online purchases...

Revenue Growth

Strategy & Execution: 

Optimize Shopping Campaigns & Segment Audiences

While we built a robust search and remarketing strategy, we determined rebuilding the Shopping campaigns would provide the most value using a multi-campaign, high/low priority approach.  We also segmented product groups by brand and built separate campaigns based on target geography to account for the varying costs of shipping to various parts of Canada & the U.S.  This approach allowed us to do a few things:

  1. Bid more granularly on queries based on intent - specifically branded (higher intent) vs. non-branded (lower intent) queries -
  2. Bid more efficiently based on geography 
  3. Target high priority brands for the business and aggressively grow IS within search queries for those brands to drive a larger share of that important audience to Naturally Urban

We also built audiences within Google Analytics to better support our remarketing efforts and to have more granular segmentation so we could better compare which ones deserved increased investments.


We saw a 3x spike in revenue, which was to be expected, but our focus on Shopping campaigns proved to have a tremendous impact on the overall account and profitability.  ROAS saw a surge of 338% in our Shopping campaigns, while also increasing our impression share by over 150% ensuring that the brand was not losing ground to other competitors aggressively investing in Google Ads during the COVID-era.  Our overall account conversion rate increased by 20% which was an additional key driver to overall revenue growth.  

ROAS pre vs. post shopping campaign strategy implementation...

ROAS Growth


Impression Share (IS) growth was important to ensure increased competition did not erode the brand’s visibility in important search queries...

IS Growth

It’s always great helping businesses scale, but especially during these unique times, the ability to help a good business with a strong moral compass serve more of their audience was truly a fulfilling experience for our team. 





Naturally Urban By Paw Street Market


Vancouver, Canada


Pet Food, Pet Supplies


E-Commerce Revenue Growth


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