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Breeze Street Inc. is a company dedicated to saving homeowners thousands of dollars in real estate commissions when they sell their home.  Their industry is extremely difficult and competitive as the standard real estate brokers still have a dominant market share, and within the smaller segment of the market that is open to selling their own home (private sale) without a realtor, there were a few established competitors.  


Breeze Street was securing leads from Google Ads but the CPA was not sufficient enough to be profitable.  The problem was how to find their target audience - specifically, how do you find homeowners that are 1) actively looking to sell their home 2) not already certain they are going to use a real estate professional and 3) are not top of funnel users who are unlikely to purchase in the near future  

Strategy & Execution: 

Attribution Modeling + Segmenting + Remarketing

Understanding attribution modeling was extremely important here as it allowed us to understand the buyer's journey.  We were able to figure out that the average customer engaged with at least 3 ads over a span of 21 days before they made a purchase.  

We were able to take this data and segment audiences based on the bidding strategy we would use on each audience.  Based on the keywords the drove a user to the site, the # of visits to the site and the # pages viewed, we would bid and remarket based on each audience.

Heuristics Analysis + Scroll Tracking: 

We implemented scroll tracking on the site and were able to determine only less than half of visitors actually scrolled far enough down page to see the purchase button CTA under 2% actually saw the pricing for the service.  This in addition to our heuristics analysis for Breeze Street led to an overhaul of the site hierarchy, which proved to be vital.   

User Persona Development:

We identified the geographic areas that over-indexed on purchases and were able to develop a user persona for Breeze Street that was tied often to the price of the home being sold and the type of area the home was in.  This allowed us to target the absolute best audience that would likely convert.  


338% increase in purchase conversion rate, 63% decrease in CPA & 24% increase in revenue.  We spent a lot of time on this account and were thrilled to see our research and calculated assumptions pay dividends.


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