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All Corners Tree & Lawn was a new business launched in late 2019. It was launched as a new business by the same owner of the highly successful All Corners Pest Control with aspirations of applying the same dedication to customer service and exceptional work they’re known for to the tree and lawn care industry.

While we specialize in Google Ads management, we view ourselves as true partners to the businesses we work with and look for long-term growth opportunities beyond just Google Ads. We had to utilize our depth of marketing expertise here to go above and beyond in the areas we could help.


The challenges for this business were numerous. The usual challenges of starting a new business we understood. But this was compounded by a few factors: Understanding the seasonality of this industry and individual services Business was launched going into the slow season Business had no experience in this industry Establishing a seamless review generation process (creating credibility) A global pandemic changing consumer spending habits

Strategy & Execution: 

We established that we would use keyword research to get a strong understanding of not just the industry, but of the individual services offered. We would take a narrow keyword & geographic approach to identify specific services we could get at a relatively low CPC and ideally a low CPA. This would allow us to be prudent with our budget while also gathering early data about the more common questions/objections of leads.

Narrow, targeted campaigns + super-charged landing pages We identified a select few keywords and built targeted campaigns and landing pages to ensure we had a strong conversion rate. This allowed us to collect important early data while being mindful of budget.

A robust review generation system

We helped this business create a robust email automation system that would help us gather social proof during the critical early stages of the business. Understanding that 70-80% of visitors to our landing pages will not become a marketing qualified lead (MQL), and that many will go to Google to look for reviews before taking an action, we wanted to limit the drop-off here in the early stages. 

Lead script management + inquiry documentation

We assisted in the creation of the verbal and written scripts for new leads that either called or sent a form submission request. We wanted to ensure the tone for this family run business was effective and that the correct questions were being asked so we could close more business. We also collaborated with All Corners on a weekly basis to understand the inquiries / questions that were being asked and customized ad copy and landing pages to address those concerns and increase our conversion rate.

Strong Quality Score

We’ve consistently seen that the fastest path to profitability often goes through a strong Quality Score. There were no exceptions here as we were tactical in our approach to strengthen Quality Score and drive down our Avg. CPC through our proven formula for effective landing pages.

Effective landing pages

The COVID Effect

As we entered the Spring of 2020, we were prepared to scale things up as we had great data, had developed a strong Quality Score and had put in the work to now understand how we could scale and where. Then COVID hit and it presented a lot of new challenges. Some of the services offered were more essential, but others were more discretionary - how do we assess the most effective way to restructure our strategy to factor in for this seismic change?


We’re proud to have been an integral part of All Corners continued growth over the past 18 months. 2020 posed unique challenges that we had to overcome. We continued to tweak our strategy accordingly but we had invested the time to understand this industry well and reaped the benefits of being able to scale up or down intelligently as the situation with COVID changed. We’ve been able to expand to 5 new geographic markets, have been able to drive down CPC by 63%, decreased CPA by 49% and have scaled the ad budget by 525% due to our ability to drive down CPA.

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